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Ro Water

Have an RO water filter? Make sure you collect the water that is rejected in a bucket. This water is perfectly safe to mop your house, wash vessels or clothes.
Watch the tap

You have heard it several times but here it is again. Turn off your tap when you brush your teeth or wash your hands! A little effort goes a long way.

Leaking taps are not only annoying but the drip may lead to the wasting of hundreds of litres of water over a year.


A hot shower can be nice start to your day but remember you end up using up to three times the water compared to bathing with a good old bucket and mug.

Where does the water from your AC go? Make sure this water is collected. Again, this water is perfectly safe to mop your house, wash vessels or clothes.

Have you checked your cleaning products? A lot of cleaning products (washing powder, dishwashing products, floor cleaners etc.) have harmful chemicals that contaminate ground water or other water bodies where domestic effluents are dumped. You can switch to products that use all natural ingredients or make your own by using soap nuts and essential oils.

Flush Toilets

Remember each time you flush, it uses 17 litres of water. Use a bucket of previously used water to flush.

When you are out and about

Ditch mineral water bottles. The economic cost of it high, from the plastic, to the source of the water to all the energy required to “purify”, bottle and transport the water. Think about getting metallic bottles when you are travelling.

At restaurants, drink out of your own bottle instead of getting a mineral water bottle. While drinking water from the restaurant, don’t fill your glasses to the brim to make sure there is no wastage.

It’s all related!


What does recycling have to do with water? Less waste in our landfills means less contamination of the ground water. Segregate your waste. Make sure all recyclable material is segregated and sent off to the waste-paper collectors or your nearest scarp buying shop.

Forget the plastic bin bags!

Have you checked your building’s rain water harvesting system? Why let go of all that water!

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