October 2016 was an important time for us as we experienced three days of exciting discussions and debate on water. The Chennai Water Forum was a space where we were able to bring to life our aim of creating a new dialogue about water in urban spaces. Presentations by water activists were explosive to say the least. Workshops by academicians and NGOs were a huge success amongst various university students. Artists Parvathi Nayar, T.M Krishna and Sofia Ashraf also weaved in their respective art forms to add to the narrative on water.

The Chennai Water Forum brought together citizens, activists, policy makers, artists and technical experts. It was an open platform to address the issue of water, urbanization and ecology with a multidisciplinary approach. Over three days the events included participatory workshops, panel discussions, presentations and concerts. Over 700 people attended and The Chennai Water Forum achieved its aim of:
• Bringing together people from a cross-section of varied backgrounds as well as experts in water management,
• Creating a new dialogue on water, urbanization and ecology in Chennai,
Encourage action: for a city with clean water and beautiful rivers!

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai in co-operation with Asian College of Journalism, Confluence 10, Kalakshetra Foundation and in association with several universities, colleges, NGOs and environmental initiatives attempted to harness the creative power of a cultural institution to serve as catalyst for dialogue, participation and change.